Success at work?

I had a lovely e mail from a client this week who had left their job because they couldn’t stand it anymore, and were loving their new role, working 3 days a week in a culture conducive to their values and feeling they were making a difference and living life ‘on purpose’. To quote their words:

“I earn less than I did in my first job out of university but at the moment all the other
things more than compensate.”

Their e mail made me think. What is this obsession we have with a bigger, better job title, house, car etc. when often, from the work I do with people, I see that it makes people miserable; endure lots of stress, have no time to see their kids, and exist in environments that do not fit their values?

It reminded me of a great book I read a while back, ‘Enough’ by John Naish – really recommend it.

In a week of news about rising fuel costs and food prices, in a world where people choose to bet on food prices, from which they could get rich but cause people in poor countries to starve, it got me thinking about success.

The dictionary definition of success is: ‘The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.’

What does success at work mean to you?

• Getting to Board level
• Work that honours your values
• Flexible working
• Minimising stress and politics
• A role that plays to your strengths
• Freedom & autonomy
• Winning an award
• Being able to be yourself at work
• A culture/company that matches your values
• Being acknowledged for your unique contribution at work

What does ‘success at work’ mean to you and are you getting it?

If not, what are you going to do about it?

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