Career cul de sac or crossroads?

How’s your career?

Making time to reflect on your career and take a step back can be hard in a busy world.
It is important to do this, because even in uncertain times, you need to create a career strategy and plan. It is a bit like having a horizon towards which you sail, but you might have to tack sideways to reach your destination. You might encounter a storm or two on the way, or head into port for a while to service the boat or do some training for the new digital equipment. Or you might decide to adjust your compass, change your career horizon, and head in a different direction altogether.
Here are some self-reflective questions to reflect on your career.

– What have I achieved this year to be proud of?

– What has worked less well this year and what have I learnt?

– What needs to change to be fit for purpose for a prosperous and satisfying future career?

– How much do I really understand my employer/client needs and priorities and how can I understand them better?

– What is resistance to change costing me?

– What’s working well and what’s working less well?

– Where can I improve efficiency and be more productive?

– How motivated and engaged about my career am I feeling?

– What training do I need to be fit for purpose with the changing work market?

– What goals do I want to achieve next?

– What’s stopping my career fulfillment and what can I do about it?

– What are my values and to what extent is my career aligned with them?

– What’s my career plan and who or what can help me to make it happen?

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