Starting a new job – success tips part 1

Starting a new job is an important and sometimes stressful event. It is crucial to make a positive impact and achieve some ‘quick wins’, but not rush in and make too many decisions/changes without consideration or you could ruffle a few feathers.

If you have a probation period when
starting a new job and need to prove yourself before
securing a full time contract, the first 100 days are especially important.

Starting a new job means getting used to a new culture, people and systems – a lot of change all at once. This blog, part 1 of 3 shares success tips.

1. Listen and learn
2. Initiate a comprehensive induction for yourself if one hasn’t been created already
3. Keep a diary of observations, questions and ideas to share at a future meeting with your employer, initiated by yourself
4. Be curious and ask lots of questions
5. Learn the language and buzz words of your new employer and use them
6. Find out the organisation’s values and live them
7. Find out when and how your key stakeholders like being communicated with
8. Learn times to avoid contacting people when they are under pressure
9. Establish the organisation’s key priorities and make them yours
10. Be discreet

Hope you found our blog starting a new job success tips part 1 useful. What tips would you add?

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