Starting a new job – success tips part 2

Starting a new job is an important and sometimes stressful event. It is crucial to make a positive impact and achieve some ‘quick wins’, but not rush in and make
too many decisions/changes without consideration or you could ruffle a few feathers.

If you have a probation period when
starting a new job and need to prove yourself
before securing a full time contract, the first
100 days are especially important.

Starting a new job means getting used to a new culture, people and systems – a lot of change all at once. This blog, part 2 of 3, shares success tips.
1. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible
2. Ask advice
3. Invest time getting proficient at the firm’s IT systems and policies
4. Establish any elephants in the room i.e. things that don’t get talked about even though they are obvious
5. Set yourself goals for each day, week and month
6. Get a coach to support you and make the first 100 days a success
7. Attend any free lunchtime sessions/social events to immerse yourself in the organisation to expose yourself to people
8. Ask everyone you meet what are the 3 best things about the organisation and the 3 things that if changed would take it to a higher level
9. Note the dress code and adjust yours accordingly
10. Reflect on the value you bring after the first 30, 60 and 90 days

Hope you found our blog starting a new job success tips part 2 useful. What tips would you add?

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