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Who’s your Sherpa?

Set goals

I recently heard an amazing speaker at an Ernst & Young quarterly women’s network event: Herta von Stiegel.

She decided she wanted to climb Kilimanjaro as a challenge for reaching 50. Not only that, but to do it taking a group of disabled people and their helpers too. It took two years of planning and she succeeded. The climb resulted in a book called “The inner mountain” which draws parallels between leadership lessons and her experiences climbing Kilimanjaro.

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Fancy some garden leave?

Path through green grass

This is a guest blog – part 2 of 2 by Michael Scutt who is an employment lawyer. It explores garden leave, restrictive covenants and bonuses.

Garden leave
Another option open to employers is to place the departing employee on garden leave. This means that the employee remains just that, an employee for the duration of the notice period. The only difference is that they remain at home and will not be doing any work. Whilst on garden leave, the employee is entitled to continue to receive all salary and benefits but they must not compete against the employer or work for anyone else. A garden leave clause can be a most effective way of keeping an employee out of the job market and is likely to be more enforceable than a restrictive covenant.

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