Big data or big questions?

Set goals

Big questions are a useful tool to mine insights and utilize the capacities of our minds to analyse big data, solve problems and think better.

Open self-reflective questions or ‘self-coaching’ costs nothing, can be done anywhere and usefully, your mind works on them while you are doing something else. Here are some big questions for you:

What do I really want?

Who do I want to become?

How do I lose time?

What would make my life/work more fulfilling?

How can I minimise stress?

Where do I waste money?

What does happiness mean to me?

What does success mean to me?

What needs to change?

What is my career strategy?

What am I avoiding that needs resolution?

What fears hold me back?

What goals am I committed to?

What is my role in helping the world?

Self-reflective questions are very powerful, but it is action that creates the change, which is why having a coach is beneficial to achieve more faster; time and space to think, accountability and a supportive yet challenging sounding board.

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Happy 2014 to you!

  • paul c-c

    They should have bought Moonpig years ago. Even now Moonpig only has a t/o 10% that of Clintons & just became profitable only recently. Poor management, lack of vision, high street overheads & blinkered.

  • Louise Kennedy

    Couldn’t agree more Paul C-C! If they’d had stronger management and effective leadership, they wouldn’t have been playing catch up to these newer, leaner and more visionary players. 

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