Yes. But, but, but…………

Making a career change can feel as big a decision as choosing a life partner and whether to have a baby. That’s big.

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To achieve a successful career change, you need to overcome the ‘buts’. A career change can seem like a huge mountain in front of you to climb. Part of my job as a talent liberator is to be your Sherpa.

I was reflecting recently on what ‘Buts’ come up often with my clients:
* Lack of time to think and make a change
* Feel burdened by the weight of responsibility e.g. as the main breadwinner
* How a change will affect future plans and choices e.g. having another baby
* Fear of the unknown
* Finding something that fits you and is fulfilling
* Getting a lucky break and for a potential employer to see the value you bring
* Fear of making a bad decision and regretting a change
* Believing that a change means you have to go to the bottom of the ladder
* Fear of losing financial security and feeling vulnerable

Sound familiar?

7 Tips to overcome career change ‘buts’

1) Design security into your change
2) Set up a savings account to fund a career break, retrain or financial cushion for peace of mind
3) Keep the faith – be persistent
4) Make time to get clear on what you want
5) Create your own luck – be proactive
6) Fill the gap – information, especially for lawyers, provides clarity and reduces fear
7) Block out time every week so you make progress

What tips would you add?

One of my clients has put in a request for ‘compressed hours’; working a 4 day week with longer hours every day, and taking one day off each week for them to nurture themselves, feed their mind and spirit. Fancy that kind of career change?

What next?

The quieter summer months are the perfect time to think about your career and what you really want.
Imagine returning to work in September clear about what change you want to make and how you will achieve it.

A fast track career coaching programme could enable you to achieve it. Act today – get in touch:

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