Rachel Brushfield

I help my clients have new breakthroughs for sustained career and business success.

In two words, I am a ‘Talent Liberator.’

I used to work as a brand and communication strategist and in marketing, plus am a certified NLP coach. I now use these combined skills to help executives and professionals to brand and market themselves in their careers.

Helping people who want a new career but don’t know what is a favourite brief, plus people who don’t fit in a box because they have diverse experience or skills or who have blocks, actual or perceived stopping them from realising what they want in their career.

I have an unusual brain – it is very analytical and then goes lateral, with a ‘wide angle zoom lens’, so useful to help individuals to strategically yet practically see how their talents and skills are transferable and could be used elsewhere and how to make it happen.

Energise has been established since 1997, and our home office is near Oxford with regular work in London. We work on the phone/Skype, so distance is no object. We have over 25 years’ experience in total, update our skills regularly and keep up to date with trends and we have a great network.

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The unwelcome guest


I had an unwelcome guest over Christmas. In fact they were never invited.

The guest was fear. It visits me every year around this time, the ‘in-between zone’ between the festive season fading and the business world waking from its slumber.

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Original reflection?

Question mark in maze

Many moons ago in my youth when discos were part of my social repertoire, I was on the receiving end of a wonderful chat up line.

‘Why are you wearing your Granny’s cardigan?’ this voice in the noisy dark asked me.

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Your 2014 headline

Older gentleman (2)

My late 95 year old grannie came close to falling off her rocking chair at Christmas. A plate of mince pies nearly became flying saucers. The culprit was a question.

The question I asked was:

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Wasted at work

Fed up woman with pile of paper at desk
My eyes opened more widely recently, more than usual, and I am not talking mascara.

It was a discussion in a workshop of high growth microbusinesses about waste.

Waste is everywhere, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden until you shine a light on it.

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A ‘waste of time’ is in the eye of the beholder

Woman juggling clocks
What is ‘a waste of time’ and who decides?

I went to an interesting workshop this week about ‘achieving more for less.’ A catchy phrase for efficiency and effectiveness and how to waste less time. Big trend that one in business as I am sure you have noticed, and sometimes a short term myopic one.

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Hope is not a strategy – part 2

To do hand written checklist
The world of work is changing fast. Are you ready for it?

Here are 6 trends from a digest of a MPF trends seminar I attended recently by Rohit Talwar of Fast Future. @fastfuture

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Hope is not a strategy

Globe of world in Oyster shell

The world of work is changing fast. Are you ready for it?

Here are 6 trends from a digest of a MPF trends seminar I attended recently by Rohit Talwar of Fast Future. @fastfuture

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Are you singular or plural?

a life (2)
Portfolio careers are growing fast – because of need and want. More information below if this is a new concept for you.


A career portfolio or portfolio career has many pros. I have thought of over 70. Here are 10 of mine for now:

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Who’s marketing you?

Brand you
Do you hate marketing yourself? Many people do especially women; it makes them feel very uncomfortable. With more competition for jobs and the trend to freelance and portfolio working growing apace, marketing yourself is something that cannot be ignored.

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Women in advertising – liberating their talent

Hands releasing butterflies (Individuals site Energise image)
Globally women make more than 80% of purchasing decisions, choosing everything from the family’s food and clothing to holidays and cars. So it seems only logical that their professional contributions would be essential within the advertising industry – an industry estimated by The Work Foundation to have added more than £15.6 billion pounds to the UK economy in 2008 with those figures only increasing year on year.

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