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Career cul de sac or crossroads?

How’s your career?

Making time to reflect on your career and take a step back can be hard in a busy world.
It is important to do this, because even in uncertain times, you need to create a career strategy and plan. It is a bit like having a horizon towards which you sail, but you might have to tack sideways to reach your destination. You might encounter a storm or two on the way, or head into port for a while to service the boat or do some training for the new digital equipment. Or you might decide to adjust your compass, change your career horizon, and head in a different direction altogether.
Here are some self-reflective questions to reflect on your career.

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Comfortable or uncomfortable career change?

Career change is a big change affecting lots of things and often people get stuck for different reasons. Change and clarity about the change need to be created at a number of levels and ‘stuckness’ for a short or longer time can occur at any of these; vision; identity; values; beliefs; capabilities; behaviours; environment.

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Are you a silly sausage?

I had a bit of a panic this week.

You know those times when you have a fast worried inner rant with yourself?

I had gone to an excellent talk about career change
where the presenter had shared about the process of career change
and how people become stuck, going round and round in circles.

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20 career change tips from people who have

Career change can feel daunting at the best of times, let alone in a downturn. What better way to get tips than from people who have already changed career. Here are 20 tips from people who have successfully made a career change.

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Copywriter to rocket scientist?

A change in career can be a step or a leap. I was pondering how dramatic the career changes of my clients have been. They have been really varied – here are 3.

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