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Women in advertising – liberating their talent

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Globally women make more than 80% of purchasing decisions, choosing everything from the family’s food and clothing to holidays and cars. So it seems only logical that their professional contributions would be essential within the advertising industry – an industry estimated by The Work Foundation to have added more than £15.6 billion pounds to the UK economy in 2008 with those figures only increasing year on year.

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Want to improve your career prospects? Part 1 of 3.

Then it’s time to get ‘learning hungry’.

Being in the same role can get a bit stale after a while, even if it feels like you are doing the workload of two people, and it’s important to protect your position with lots of younger, cheaper keen people snapping at your heels for your job!

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Career cul de sac or crossroads?

How’s your career?

Making time to reflect on your career and take a step back can be hard in a busy world.
It is important to do this, because even in uncertain times, you need to create a career strategy and plan. It is a bit like having a horizon towards which you sail, but you might have to tack sideways to reach your destination. You might encounter a storm or two on the way, or head into port for a while to service the boat or do some training for the new digital equipment. Or you might decide to adjust your compass, change your career horizon, and head in a different direction altogether.
Here are some self-reflective questions to reflect on your career.

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Success at work?

I had a lovely e mail from a client this week who had left their job because they couldn’t stand it anymore, and were loving their new role, working 3 days a week in a culture conducive to their values and feeling they were making a difference and living life ‘on purpose’. To quote their words:

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Do cobblers’ shoes need reheeling?

Working in the industry, you’re great at helping clients have a competitive advantage, but what about yours?

In times of high unemployment, frozen or restricted recruitment and a high degree of competition, you need to have a strong competitive advantage to be chosen.

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Do You Have Employability Skills?

Wouldn’t it be useful to know what the magic recipe is for all those job seekers out there – those employability skills? I have been reading some research about employability, (Source = DWP 2011 Employers recruitment behaviour and decisions SMEs) desired characteristics of candidates by employers. It is an interesting topic with a lot of unconscious bias and perceptions going on.

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