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What Will You Do When You Grow up?

Train driver? Ski instructor?

One of our clients has landed their dream job! Like many people, they fell into their career by accident. Most people never do anything about it.

Career change is not always radical. Finding a new boss or company that matches your values can make a BIG difference.

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What work trends will affect you most?

Hello – how are you?

Blimey, modern life is full-on! Everything is changing so fast and it will get faster.

We have been reading lots of research about career success, employability, future skills and careers and the changing world of work so we can add even more value to our clients through these changing times. This blog shares some of these insights.

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How simple are you? The mnemonic ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’, always makes me smile, I am note sure why. This week 2 things have got me pondering simplicity. 1) I have been reading about simplicity and how business has got far too bureaucratic and is tying itself in knots by overcomplicated things. 2) My parents bought a kettle because they found their automatic boiling water device was too complicated to meet their requirements. As someone who wakes up early at 5 a.m. and was unable to make a coffee until the device switched itself on at 7a.m., it was also unable to meet my ‘I need an injection of caffeine’ requirement, I am very very glad!

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Small Things Make A Big Difference

I am quite simple, so I like simple things. How about you? I think little things make all the difference and I love seeing the light go on with clients.  Do you ever need to do something but keep on not getting around to it?  

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What’s Your ‘Plan B’?

If you got made redundant tomorrow, what would you do? I’m not trying to be a miserable kill-joy, it’s something worth thinking about so you are not caught ‘on the hop’.  Keeping your CV up to date is one thing. Key wording your profile and being active on Linkedin groups to raise your profile another.  Read more on What’s Your ‘Plan B’?…

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Want To Bump Off Your Boss?


Tempting? Many people are having to re-apply for their own job in the public sector. If you were to apply for your own job now, would you, or would you rather have your boss’ job? It might feel like a bit of a trick question, as most people are doing more than one job now for the same money. This has the advantages of more variety to keep you interested but more pressure and stress! 

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Is Your Work Working For You?

Research shows that between 30 and 45% of people want to change job. That is a hell of a lot of people not enjoying their work and feeling unfulfilled. Many of us fell into it by chance. Did you?   

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Itchy feet?


Twitter can be like learning a new language, but very handy if you have itchy feet and are looking for a job move. Here are some top tips: 


Twitter tips  

Twitter is personal and business

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Career Change Dreams Up In Smoke?

Suffering from that ‘going back to work feeling’?

Reality after the festive season reminds many people of going back to school at the start of a new term. A feeling of dread; shining those shoes; buying a new fluffy pencil case; the who got the best Christmas gift parade, but mainly the sinking feeling.  Life can be so superspeed at work that it feels like being on a giant human hamster wheel.

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What’s Your Biggest Fear About Career Change?

20 Common fears about career change


Career change can be scary - here are some of the most common fears we encounter:   


  1. Not being known – having to re-establish your reputation

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