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Hope is not a strategy

Globe of world in Oyster shell

The world of work is changing fast. Are you ready for it?

Here are 6 trends from a digest of a MPF trends seminar I attended recently by Rohit Talwar of Fast Future. @fastfuture

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Time or money? Which would you choose?

New research by The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) shows that there is a hidden and growing trend of ‘under-employed’ people stuck in part time unemployment or temporary work. It is the highest figure on record, an increase of 45% since the recession began and likely to stay at these levels for 5 years.

The world of work has changed forever, and yet I find from my career change Steer your career workshops for executives who have been made redundant, that not many people realise. Isn’t life ironic? Do you find that? When I do executive or personal coaching, people complain about never having enough time. Then when they have more time, they want more work.

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Bored at work? Variety is the spice of life

Metro newspaper today in London featured research showing that over half of women are bored. Bored with too much housework and their work being the same.

I refuse to iron – it’s against my principles and love linen as I can get away with it! Variety is one of my values and I feel ‘out of sorts’ if I don’t have enough variety, both socially and in my work. All my clients are different – the themes are similar e.g. fears about change, lack of confidence, challenging relationships, lack of time, and I learn so much from my clients. Often it’s like a mirror – they reflect the issues that I am facing!

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Career tips – meaning and purpose

Hi – how’s your year going? We have come out of hibernation now it’s Spring!

Changing world of work

The world of work has changed forever. It’s not just that there are less full time jobs and more competition for them, plus more contract and project work, it’s that more and more people are looking for meaning and purpose through their work and to have their values honoured at work. This can mean finding an employer with ethical values or doing work that makes a difference to the world. We have seen this trend emerging for a while, and it has grown hugely since the credit crunch. In our Energise Steer your career workshop, it is usually mentioned by 50-75% of the participants. So how do you find meaning and purpose in your work? It doesn’t have to mean leaving marketing and advertising and working for a charity. It could be simply finding an employer that better matches your values or working with a company with green/charity clients or a corporate social responsibility policy

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Career change – changing needs and wants

  • I have recently been analysing the needs and identifying segments of all the people who have attended our career change workshop so far.
  • They are all professionals, from diverse professions including marketing and selling. Common challenges are the restrictions that people have on doing what they want; jobs too far away, not being able to move location for work because of kids settled in school, lack of money for retraining, jobs with lower than ideal salaries, shortage of jobs at a senior level, no feedback from interviews, skills out of date, lack of self confidence and many more. I have identified 20 client archetypes so far and there are probably more….

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Insight-full career change tips

I was thinking the other day that I must make time to do an analysis of the different customers from my career change workshop over the last 6 months. It’s easy not to this, as there’s plenty of other tasks to do, but investing the time can create some really useful insights for better targeting and making the product even better and more relevant to their needs.

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Career change aha! moments

One of the things I love about helping people in their careers is the variety. What people want and what they need varies hugely. It’s not just about achieving goals. It gives me so much pleasure hearing years after I have worked with people that they have made the changes they wanted happen and are enjoying more satisfying work and better work life balance/I remember one workaholic client forgetting to turn up for a coaching session which for me as his coach was great as it showed he was chilling out and getting more relaxed about work! Ironic success!Another client was so blown away by the new self-awareness about herself when we did her values that she hardly spoke for 3 days and her husband wrongly jumped to the conclusion that she was having an affair! Helping people to think about what they want and identifying how and why they stop themselves is hugely fascinating and rewarding.The career strategist part of what I do is very practical and about insights, trends and marketing and branding an individual and the career coaching part is also practical but psychological. Humans are really creative about stopping themselves doing what they really wan too! Part of my job is being a detective and work out how people stop themselves! ‘Aha!’ moments of insights and clarity and hearing the successful outcomes are so rewarding. What have been yours? What would be your next one?

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Career hates and fears

I did another career workshop yesterday and we had some great people and a very diverse bunch too. One lady was about mid 40 and realisedshe has always hated her career which made me think how many people out there hatetheirs and never get around tomaking a change until it’s forced upon them with redundancy.

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Ageism – age-old myth or true?

Marketing and advertising is a ‘young’ profession, but does ageism really exist? It is true that older workers can be expensive compared with younger workers who do the same job, at a time when cost is under the microscope, but aren’t experience and wisdom even more important in challenging times?

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Best Employers for working families

I got this info from a TUC bulletin.

I’m not a parent myself, I find it hard enough to get myself out of the house in the morning, but those of you that are, this is for you:

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