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The unwelcome guest


I had an unwelcome guest over Christmas. In fact they were never invited.

The guest was fear. It visits me every year around this time, the ‘in-between zone’ between the festive season fading and the business world waking from its slumber.

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Yes. But, but, but…………

Making a career change can feel as big a decision as choosing a life partner and whether to have a baby. That’s big.

Career Ladder cartoon

To achieve a successful career change, you need to overcome the ‘buts’. A career change can seem like a huge mountain in front of you to climb. Part of my job as a talent liberator is to be your Sherpa.

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Armbands or rubber ring?

I was reflecting on what stops people from jumping ship, i.e. changing career. Here are the 12 most common ones from working with many different people:

1) Lack of confidence/self-belief
2) Not aware of what skills and qualities they possess
3) Don’t understand how social media is useful
4) Perceived insecurity of making a change
5) Lack a network
6) Don’t know where/how to find out about different careers
7) Dislike networking
8) Other people’s fears e.g. loss of status
9) Reluctance to ask for help
10) Worry about being rejected
11) Dislike of change
12) Fear

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Career change fear?

Career change can feel like a big step at the best of times, and especially in a downturn. Career change fear is normal. So why does it feel so daunting? Here are 15 reasons:

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How simple are you? The mnemonic ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’, always makes me smile, I am note sure why. This week 2 things have got me pondering simplicity. 1) I have been reading about simplicity and how business has got far too bureaucratic and is tying itself in knots by overcomplicated things. 2) My parents bought a kettle because they found their automatic boiling water device was too complicated to meet their requirements. As someone who wakes up early at 5 a.m. and was unable to make a coffee until the device switched itself on at 7a.m., it was also unable to meet my ‘I need an injection of caffeine’ requirement, I am very very glad!

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Is Your Work Working For You?

Research shows that between 30 and 45% of people want to change job. That is a hell of a lot of people not enjoying their work and feeling unfulfilled. Many of us fell into it by chance. Did you?

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What’s Your Biggest Fear About Career Change?

20 Common fears about career change

Career change can be scary– here are some of the most common fears we encounter:

  1. Not being known – having to re-establish your reputation

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Is your boss a bit of a dragon?

If so, this quote is for you:

“It will not do to leave a live dragon out of your plans if you live near one

J.R.R. Tolkien

Have a relaxing weekend (unless you are working all weekend ona pitch that is)

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Chip On The Shoulder? Ketchup With That?

It’s a weird expression isn’t it; ‘Chip on the shoulder’. I don’t know where the expression comes from and whether it’s a “a bit missing kind of chip” or a potato chip?! My interpretation of what it means is that it’s a sensitivity or insecurity that creates an over-reaction as we are looking for evidence to back it up and ‘feed the monster’!Chips that I have encountered include; feeling on the outside looking in and excluded; not building rapport; or feeling we are not intelligent enough or creative enough. So we over-notice what other people say and do to prove our perception and then overreact as the chip is activated. Since there are an awful lot of people out there, that’s a lot of ‘chips’ and feeling vulnerable or dealing with uncertainty can magnify the overreaction. In a political or creative culture, there can be a lot of chips rattling around which inhibit full productivity and performance. Self awareness is key, but a lot of people are cynical about personal development, especially strongly ‘left brainers;. Chips on the shoulder` are worth looking at because they can stop people from doing what they really want and truly being happy and fulfilled. A good way is to explore the limiting beliefs that have created the chip – it’s a but like clearing out the loft and creating space for good new things to happen. What’s your chip and what does it stop you from doing that you would like to? What are the chips of people close to you?

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How Merry Are you Feeling This Monday?

Do you ever have a bad day and wish you’d stayed in bed, venturing no further than your nose peeking out of the duvet? We’re very good aren’t we at asking ‘how are you?’ It’s one of those stock phrases, but the truth is that this phrase is used more as a conversational cul de sac, than a genuine interest for how you are feeling. It might be a fun experiment to answer it honestly today at work, so instead of saying ‘fine’ or ‘great’ to say how you really feel and notice the reaction.

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