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Yes, But, But, But…!

Obstacle course 3 (2)

What’s your ideal career? Is it what you are doing now? If not, what are you doing about it?

Many people want to change career, get to the starting blocks, and then find ‘buts’ and never move any further. So how can you overcome fear?

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Career change fear?

Career change can feel like a big step at the best of times, and especially in a downturn. Career change fear is normal. So why does it feel so daunting? Here are 15 reasons:

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What’s that Linkedin all about then?

Alot of people I come across haven’t heard of or don’t use LinkedIn. It is on-line networking, perfect for armchair networking in the winter months! It is also a great source of up to date contact details, great for getting a job and recruiting. Here are some tips for you:

• Originally set up as a recruitment tool• ‘Facebook for business’• Free (and paid version)• Know and use your key words• Set up a profile using key words and job titles• Connect with everyone you know and trust (software can help you do this with your Outlook address book or manually)• Ask for Recommendations (testimonials/written references)• Look at your connections’ networks and ask for introductions• Update your ‘Status’ regularly• Create settings to suit you• Have a clear goal – purpose and focus• Join relevant groups and contribute to discussions to raise your profile• Search Jobs/Find jobs• Look at jobs on relevant groups for your profession• Follow key contacts (like Twitter)• Invite people to connect• Search companies and named individuals• Use ‘answers’ – asking and answering questions• Search people interviewing you to find common ground for building rapport at interviews• Search for relevant events and networkHave a look at our profile as guidance and why not connect with us?: you haven’t joined Linked, do, and if you already have a profile, keep it updated and bear in mind these tips.

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Itchy feet?

Twitter can be like learning a new language, but very handyif you have itchy feet andare looking for ajob move. Here are some toptips:

Twitter tips

Twitter is personal and business

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What’s Your Biggest Fear About Career Change?

20 Common fears about career change

Career change can be scary– here are some of the most common fears we encounter:

  1. Not being known – having to re-establish your reputation

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Are You Sleeping On The Job?

Apparently 3 out of 4 workers get less than the recommended eight hours of sleep a night, with worries about job security being a factor (Source Travelodge research). If I was an inventor, I would invent an off button or dimmer switch for the brain.

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