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Working Mums Job Satisfaction?

I have noticed a trend emerging in the ether in the last few weeks. It has been simmering in the background for a while, but its temperature is definitely hotting up. The theme is paradoxical, because the ‘fixed grin, thank goodness I have a job’ has been nudging the ‘I want job satisfaction and to feel engaged at work’ off the top slot, so there is likely to be a trend that is a bit hidden at the moment. I have noticed the trend to be especially prevalent amongst working Mums.

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Small Things Make A Big Difference

I am quite simple, so I like simple things. How about you? I think little things make all the difference and I love seeing the light go on with clients.  Do you ever need to do something but keep on not getting around to it?  

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Are You Flat Out?

Do you get stuck in wall-to-wall meetings with no time to do the work in between? Many employees are working flat out with scarcely time to catch their breath. Full on! Sound familiar? Working at such a pace gives you little time to think clearly or even straight, which can lead to poor prioritisation and focusing on the urgent rather than the important things that would really make the difference.    

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What’s Your Biggest Fear About Career Change?

20 Common fears about career change

Career change can be scary– here are some of the most common fears we encounter:

  1. Not being known – having to re-establish your reputation

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Relationships Are Like Runner Beans

If I forget or don’t make time to visit my allotment for a couple of days, the runner beans get too big and aren’t very nice, so they are wasted. If I visit more often and pick them, I am rewarded by delicious beans without strings attached. Not only that, but the more I pick, the more beans grow, so giving them a little attention means they are more productive.

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Is your boss a bit of a dragon?

If so, this quote is for you:

“It will not do to leave a live dragon out of your plans if you live near one

J.R.R. Tolkien

Have a relaxing weekend (unless you are working all weekend ona pitch that is)

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How Merry Are you Feeling This Monday?

Do you ever have a bad day and wish you’d stayed in bed, venturing no further than your nose peeking out of the duvet? We’re very good aren’t we at asking ‘how are you?’ It’s one of those stock phrases, but the truth is that this phrase is used more as a conversational cul de sac, than a genuine interest for how you are feeling. It might be a fun experiment to answer it honestly today at work, so instead of saying ‘fine’ or ‘great’ to say how you really feel and notice the reaction.

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Time or money? Which would you choose?

New research by The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) shows that there is a hidden and growing trend of ‘under-employed’ people stuck in part time unemployment or temporary work. It is the highest figure on record, an increase of 45% since the recession began and likely to stay at these levels for 5 years.

The world of work has changed forever, and yet I find from my career change Steer your career workshops for executives who have been made redundant, that not many people realise. Isn’t life ironic? Do you find that? When I do executive or personal coaching, people complain about never having enough time. Then when they have more time, they want more work.

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Fancy a day trip to avoid the budget news?

Why not pop to Milton Keynes. Yes really. Not only does it have nearly as many roundabouts to get lost in as Swindon to distract you from capital gains increases, it also has an event on which will engage you. Forget champagne bars, this is the place to go. It ends on 30 June, so get your skates on.

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Bored at work? Variety is the spice of life

Metro newspaper today in London featured research showing that over half of women are bored. Bored with too much housework and their work being the same.

I refuse to iron – it’s against my principles and love linen as I can get away with it! Variety is one of my values and I feel ‘out of sorts’ if I don’t have enough variety, both socially and in my work. All my clients are different – the themes are similar e.g. fears about change, lack of confidence, challenging relationships, lack of time, and I learn so much from my clients. Often it’s like a mirror – they reflect the issues that I am facing!

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