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How career resilient are you?

Man running on water

How career resilient are you and how important is it?

I went to an interesting seminar last week about career resilience. I came away feeling confident that I am, which is good to know doing the work I do!

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What change do you seek at work?

I have been creating some new ‘inspiring client examples’ this week, having had the time over the break to reflect on last year.

Changing your career can feel daunting and hearing about the successful transitions of other people can help make it feel possible.

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Do You Throw Your Toys Out Of The Pram?


You must be really sick working in the marketing and creative industry of all the negative labels you get given. ‘Shallow,’ ‘temperamental’, ‘selling people things they don’t want and can’t afford’. Life is full of ridiculous sweeping statements. An apt expression since a lot of them are rubbish.

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