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My clients are really unhappy with me

Fed up woman with pile of paper at desk

Sometimes my clients are very unhappy with me. They question what we are doing, how we are doing it and whether it works. I don’t mind. It is the storm before the calm.

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Who’s your Sherpa?

Set goals

I recently heard an amazing speaker at an Ernst & Young quarterly women’s network event: Herta von Stiegel.

She decided she wanted to climb Kilimanjaro as a challenge for reaching 50. Not only that, but to do it taking a group of disabled people and their helpers too. It took two years of planning and she succeeded. The climb resulted in a book called “The inner mountain” which draws parallels between leadership lessons and her experiences climbing Kilimanjaro.

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Yes, But, But, But…!

Obstacle course 3 (2)

What’s your ideal career? Is it what you are doing now? If not, what are you doing about it?

Many people want to change career, get to the starting blocks, and then find ‘buts’ and never move any further. So how can you overcome fear?

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Slide down or step up career steps?

Cartoon 14 Career Ladder

Fancy a second career different to your first? Many people fall into their first career, so it’s not surprising that more and more people are seeking a second career.

It can feel like a void when you change career, so it helps to have career steps to pave the way to your future.

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Does your job ever make you weep?

Fed up man

I had an e mail this week from a potential client. I bet some of you can relate to what they said in their e mail or know someone it reminds you of:

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Comfortable or uncomfortable career change?

Career change is a big change affecting lots of things and often people get stuck for different reasons. Change and clarity about the change need to be created at a number of levels and ‘stuckness’ for a short or longer time can occur at any of these; vision; identity; values; beliefs; capabilities; behaviours; environment.

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As clear as mud?

My clients inspire me so much and a coaching session this week inspired me to write this blog, as this blog’s theme is a common one to arise.

A new career involves a lot of new and, for many, challenging aspects:

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Do cobblers’ shoes need reheeling?

Working in the industry, you’re great at helping clients have a competitive advantage, but what about yours?

In times of high unemployment, frozen or restricted recruitment and a high degree of competition, you need to have a strong competitive advantage to be chosen.

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What Will You Do When You Grow up?

Train driver? Ski instructor?

One of our clients has landed their dream job! Like many people, they fell into their career by accident. Most people never do anything about it.

Career change is not always radical. Finding a new boss or company that matches your values can make a BIG difference.

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How simple are you? The mnemonic ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’, always makes me smile, I am note sure why. This week 2 things have got me pondering simplicity. 1) I have been reading about simplicity and how business has got far too bureaucratic and is tying itself in knots by overcomplicated things. 2) My parents bought a kettle because they found their automatic boiling water device was too complicated to meet their requirements. As someone who wakes up early at 5 a.m. and was unable to make a coffee until the device switched itself on at 7a.m., it was also unable to meet my ‘I need an injection of caffeine’ requirement, I am very very glad!

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