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As clear as mud?

My clients inspire me so much and a coaching session this week inspired me to write this blog, as this blog’s theme is a common one to arise.

A new career involves a lot of new and, for many, challenging aspects:

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The Beauty Of Deadlines

The 6 week timeframe to sort out the debt crisis has got me thinking about deadlines. They can be a pain but they are also very useful to focus the mind. Work deadlines under pressure imposed by someone else can get you enraged, renewal deadlines like car insurance or the end of a fixed mortgage force you to think about it/explore other options rather than ignore or forget about the issue. Forced deadlines like redundancy or early retirement give you short or long timescales to get your act together and plan.
Without deadlines procrastination can be king and “I didn’t get around to it” Queen.

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Small Things Make A Big Difference

I am quite simple, so I like simple things. How about you? I think little things make all the difference and I love seeing the light go on with clients.  Do you ever need to do something but keep on not getting around to it?  

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Inner Tug Of War?

Do you ever find that an inner part of you just won’t budge? It’s like it’s dug its heels in and refuses to do what it is ‘supposed to do’ or you want it to, however much you cajole or reason with it. Procrastination is often the consequence of resistance, but the root cause is not always clear at first and then it rises to the surface and it all makes sense.

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Spider Stops House Move

A spider has been stopping my sister from moving house. Actually that’s not true. Spiders. The shed at the bottom of her garden is looking a bit of a mess, so I asked her why she hadn’t cleared it out. She replied that her car’s not big enough to fit the things in and she needed to get someone with a big car to help her. Well I’ll help you, I replied. No! she retorted The real block turned out to be the prospect of her facing the spiders. I had many a fun time chasing her as a child with a spider encased in my hand, to the backdrop of her screams. I have grown out of it though!

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Cabin Fever And How to Manage It

Do you find that there are certain tasks that you can procrastinate for England about rather than do? Would you rather pluck your nasal hair than do them? I am pretty decisive by nature, but there are a couple that get me dusting my light bulbs to avoid.For me these are making prospect phone calls and creating proposals. I used to be a brand strategist in the communications industry who was kept in a darkened room and wheeled out for meetings to spout insights that would help the clients make more money. I am happy as Larry doing research and writing, but that other stuff, well I have to create the right conditions to get them done.If you see a woman aged about 45 sitting hunched over a hot laptop on a long train route, think Stornaway to Penzance, or in a coffee shop long after the drink dregs have gone cold making prospect calls, that’ll be me. If I stayed at my home office, not only would I get severe cabin fever and start climbing the walls, these tasks would take ten times as long. What are your most creative avoidance strategies and least favourite tasks? Off to London to get on that yellow tube line.CheersRachelRachel Brushfield
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