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From Fixed Grin To Wry Smile?


Is your face aching from that fixed grin? That expression that says ‘I am happy to have a job, but I am sick of doing 3 jobs, having no pay rise, little feedback or praise and I would like to stuff it where the sun don’t shine?’  If so, smiling at these work signs will change your facial expression and give those face muscles a workout. Enjoy!   

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Relationships Are Like Runner Beans

If I forget or don’t make time to visit my allotment for a couple of days, the runner beans get too big and aren’t very nice, so they are wasted. If I visit more often and pick them, I am rewarded by delicious beans without strings attached. Not only that, but the more I pick, the more beans grow, so giving them a little attention means they are more productive.

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Why People Are Like Vegetables

I am heading to my allotment to water it with no prospect of rain in sight, and am pondering the thought that people are like vegetables. They need watering. Different people need to be watered in different ways as they have different values, needs and motivations. If only we came with an instruction manual, like a car or washing machine, it would be a lot easier.

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Chip On The Shoulder? Ketchup With That?

It’s a weird expression isn’t it; ‘Chip on the shoulder’. I don’t know where the expression comes from and whether it’s a “a bit missing kind of chip” or a potato chip?! My interpretation of what it means is that it’s a sensitivity or insecurity that creates an over-reaction as we are looking for evidence to back it up and ‘feed the monster’!Chips that I have encountered include; feeling on the outside looking in and excluded; not building rapport; or feeling we are not intelligent enough or creative enough. So we over-notice what other people say and do to prove our perception and then overreact as the chip is activated. Since there are an awful lot of people out there, that’s a lot of ‘chips’ and feeling vulnerable or dealing with uncertainty can magnify the overreaction. In a political or creative culture, there can be a lot of chips rattling around which inhibit full productivity and performance. Self awareness is key, but a lot of people are cynical about personal development, especially strongly ‘left brainers;. Chips on the shoulder` are worth looking at because they can stop people from doing what they really want and truly being happy and fulfilled. A good way is to explore the limiting beliefs that have created the chip – it’s a but like clearing out the loft and creating space for good new things to happen. What’s your chip and what does it stop you from doing that you would like to? What are the chips of people close to you?

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Cabin Fever And How to Manage It

Do you find that there are certain tasks that you can procrastinate for England about rather than do? Would you rather pluck your nasal hair than do them? I am pretty decisive by nature, but there are a couple that get me dusting my light bulbs to avoid.For me these are making prospect phone calls and creating proposals. I used to be a brand strategist in the communications industry who was kept in a darkened room and wheeled out for meetings to spout insights that would help the clients make more money. I am happy as Larry doing research and writing, but that other stuff, well I have to create the right conditions to get them done.If you see a woman aged about 45 sitting hunched over a hot laptop on a long train route, think Stornaway to Penzance, or in a coffee shop long after the drink dregs have gone cold making prospect calls, that’ll be me. If I stayed at my home office, not only would I get severe cabin fever and start climbing the walls, these tasks would take ten times as long. What are your most creative avoidance strategies and least favourite tasks? Off to London to get on that yellow tube line.CheersRachelRachel Brushfield
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Time or money? Which would you choose?

New research by The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) shows that there is a hidden and growing trend of ‘under-employed’ people stuck in part time unemployment or temporary work. It is the highest figure on record, an increase of 45% since the recession began and likely to stay at these levels for 5 years.

The world of work has changed forever, and yet I find from my career change Steer your career workshops for executives who have been made redundant, that not many people realise. Isn’t life ironic? Do you find that? When I do executive or personal coaching, people complain about never having enough time. Then when they have more time, they want more work.

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Fancy a day trip to avoid the budget news?

Why not pop to Milton Keynes. Yes really. Not only does it have nearly as many roundabouts to get lost in as Swindon to distract you from capital gains increases, it also has an event on which will engage you. Forget champagne bars, this is the place to go. It ends on 30 June, so get your skates on.

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Career change aha! moments

One of the things I love about helping people in their careers is the variety. What people want and what they need varies hugely. It’s not just about achieving goals. It gives me so much pleasure hearing years after I have worked with people that they have made the changes they wanted happen and are enjoying more satisfying work and better work life balance/I remember one workaholic client forgetting to turn up for a coaching session which for me as his coach was great as it showed he was chilling out and getting more relaxed about work! Ironic success!Another client was so blown away by the new self-awareness about herself when we did her values that she hardly spoke for 3 days and her husband wrongly jumped to the conclusion that she was having an affair! Helping people to think about what they want and identifying how and why they stop themselves is hugely fascinating and rewarding.The career strategist part of what I do is very practical and about insights, trends and marketing and branding an individual and the career coaching part is also practical but psychological. Humans are really creative about stopping themselves doing what they really wan too! Part of my job is being a detective and work out how people stop themselves! ‘Aha!’ moments of insights and clarity and hearing the successful outcomes are so rewarding. What have been yours? What would be your next one?

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Employees paid to walk and talk

According to People Management *, the magazine for Human Resources professionals, (alias ‘company kicking post’ – the deliverer of bad news like redundancies and wage freezes), employees at Nestle are being encouraged to hold meetings while walking, as part of the company’s efforts to promote workplace health.

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Top Tips for your CV

Your CV is a very important document. It is a summary of who you are, where you’ve worked and needs to convince the reader very quickly to read on beyond the first page and that you are worth investing more of their time in. Its main objective is to gain you an interview and its second objective is to give an initial impression of you as a brand.

As someone working in the marketing and communications field, remember the skills that you apply to brands can also be applied to yourself, so keep your objective in mind and create a strategy and plan for your CV. In an ideal world, your CV would be targeted 100% to each individual job, but lack of time can prevent this.

A good CV:· Is no more than three pages in length· Its content and style is targeted to your target audience, i.e. the interviewer (s) · Its design/layout matches your target employer/profession, i.e. modern if modern, traditional if traditional· Says enough without saying too much · It needs to convey both what makes you different or better than your competitors, and give an indication about your ‘brand’ character.

Common mistakes on CVs

· Putting the education section first
· Not putting the most recent information e.g. jobs and qualifications first
· Making it too long/wordy so the reader switches off
· Having too much detail about what you do in your job, rather than how you’ve added value
· Including references
· Not giving enough thought to the design and font used
· Lying/exaggerating your role

Tips to create a good CV:· Create a clear and consistent structure using tables/borders/different size fonts or bold/underline/italics for headings· Put the key information on the first page, i.e. your name and address, paragraph summary about your years’ experience and achievements and initiatives. · Unless you have under 5 years experience, put where you’ve worked and what you’ve done further back in a tidy format· Include training and other information such as hobbies to give a flavour of you the person· Don’t repeat information – summarise your core skills· Think about what you want the reader to feel and think and then design your CV to elicit this response· Use action words and data £ budgets, % increases etc to build evidence e.g. achieved, initiated etc · Get feedback from people you know and trust and recruitment agencies and interviewers can also provide useful pointers·
For more information on CV writing Energise is running a workshop, please see below for details.

ENERGISE STEER YOUR CAREER WORKSHOP Next date 10 – 4 Sat 10th January 2009

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