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Grabbing attention in a time-poor world

 One of the hardest things at the best of times is getting cut through and grabbing the attention of your target audience.  People are hugely busy and especially at the moment post redundancies, doing more than one person’s job. Frustrating recently at getting no response to a proposal I had submitted, I decide to have fun and be creative. I did empathise with their busyness, but I still wanted to know if the project was happening or not!  I ordered a personalised humorous card from this web site and sent an SAE back to me with the following tick box choices in a bright yellow jiffy bag:

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Top Tips for your CV

Your CV is a very important document. It is a summary of who you are, where you’ve worked and needs to convince the reader very quickly to read on beyond the first page and that you are worth investing more of their time in. Its main objective is to gain you an interview and its second objective is to give an initial impression of you as a brand.

As someone working in the marketing and communications field, remember the skills that you apply to brands can also be applied to yourself, so keep your objective in mind and create a strategy and plan for your CV.   In an ideal world, your CV would be targeted 100% to each individual job, but lack of time can prevent this.

A good CV:·        Is no more than three pages in length·        Its content and style is targeted to your target audience, i.e. the interviewer (s) ·        Its design/layout matches your target employer/profession, i.e. modern if modern, traditional if traditional·        Says enough without saying too much ·        It needs to convey both what makes you different or better than your competitors, and give an indication about your ‘brand’ character.

Common mistakes on CVs

·        Putting the education section first
·        Not putting the most recent information e.g. jobs and qualifications first
·        Making it too long/wordy so the reader switches off
·        Having too much detail about what you do in your job, rather than how you’ve added value
·        Including references
·        Not giving enough thought to the design and font used
·        Lying/exaggerating your role

Tips to create a good CV:·        Create a clear and consistent structure using tables/borders/different size fonts or bold/underline/italics for headings·        Put the key information on the first page, i.e. your name and address, paragraph summary about your years’ experience and achievements and initiatives. ·        Unless you have under 5 years experience, put where you’ve worked and what you’ve done further back in a tidy format·        Include training and other information such as hobbies to give a flavour of you the person·        Don’t repeat information – summarise your core skills·        Think about what you want the reader to feel and think and then design your CV to elicit this response·        Use action words and data £ budgets, % increases etc to build evidence e.g. achieved, initiated etc ·        Get feedback from people you know and trust and recruitment agencies and interviewers can also provide useful pointers·    
For more information on CV writing Energise is running a workshop, please see below for details.

ENERGISE STEER YOUR CAREER WORKSHOP Next date 10 – 4 Sat 10th January 2009

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Redundancy – problem or opportunity?

How are you feeling about the ‘R’ word? If you are over 40, then you’ll remember the late 80’s/early 90’s when redundancy and negative equity were commonplace


I was made redundant in the late 80’s. It was very stressful at the time, but a problem became an opportunity and it was the beginning of my career going in a direction that was more true to me. I used my redundancy money to pay off my debts and to give my discoloured teeth a ‘face lift’ with porcelain veneers, so redundancy ironically helped put the smile back on my face!


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Risky Business

People don’t make decisions or take actions because they are afraid of failure and/or don’t like change. They often edit what they really want to say and do; thoughts and actions that could be gems or lead to gems that would make all the difference to solve business problems.

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Are you authentic? Who do you trust? Do you trust yourself? Do you trust… your boss? Your Bank? Your pension provider?


Trust is under threat. It’s a declining market. With collapsing banks, we don’t know who to trust anymore.


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Sharing thoughts to inspire people


Caught in the middle?


Are you caught in the middle at work?


Are you 40-55 and feeling a bit stuck and frustrated? You wonder whether you are having a mid life crisis or are just getting old in a young industry. Ageism is supposed to be illegal, but let’s be honest, it still happens in reality.


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Making a change

Holidays are a rare opportunity to take a step back, to get off the hamster wheel and think about what you want to change. On a sun lounger, you can feel all fired up with enthusiasm and feel clear about what you want to change and how to do it.

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Monday blues?

How are you feeling today?


Apparently today is the day most in the whole year when people feel down. Credit card bills from Christmas spending land on the doormat, the days are short and dark, and it all feels a bit grim.

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