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Pondering Becoming Self-employed?

Just before Christmas, I gave a talk to a group of people who are part of the government’s Enterprise initiative about ‘becoming self employed.’

It reminded me that the only thing I missed about employment apart from the regular salary 14 years ago was having an IT helpline to mop up my IT incompetence.

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The Beauty Of Deadlines

The 6 week timeframe to sort out the debt crisis has got me thinking about deadlines. They can be a pain but they are also very useful to focus the mind. Work deadlines under pressure imposed by someone else can get you enraged, renewal deadlines like car insurance or the end of a fixed mortgage force you to think about it/explore other options rather than ignore or forget about the issue. Forced deadlines like redundancy or early retirement give you short or long timescales to get your act together and plan.
Without deadlines procrastination can be king and “I didn’t get around to it” Queen.

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Endings And Beginnings


Do you find life sometimes is full of endings and beginnings at the same time?  This week an ending is that I am doing my last ‘Steer your career workshop’ to help professionals who have been made redundant. Over the last 2.5 years, we have helped over 200 professionals from diverse backgrounds to find a new direction, hope and confidence.  

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Redundancy Is Electric

I got home from two days in London yesterday to find no electricity. Tripping hadn’t happened, the fridge was cold, the freezer iced, it was bizarre and I discovered the problem was not in my control to do anything about. Like people being made redundant, I felt powerless. Something that I had taken for granted for years that would always be there wasn’t there any more. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.

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What’s your creative answer to "What do you do?"

Our nation is obsessed with that question “What do you do?” I hate this and see many executives who have been made redundant struggle with this is they lose their identity without a job, as it was such a big part of their lives. I like having bit of fun when answering the ‘what do you do’ questionand sometimes pretend to be an unusual career e.g. belly dancer or use a line such as “I stop people from going mad at work.” People think I must be a business or occupational psychologist, but as a career strategist, coach and employee engagement, I do stop people going mad at work!

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Career change as scary as choosing a life partner

Did a career change workshop yesterday and it struck me from what people were saying, that career changeis as scary forthemaschoosinga life partner– very scary! Not only that, but career change can cause divorce, because sometimesitmeans less money coming in for awhile or forever, depending on the new career path. Aloss of perceived (in the eyes of the partner) status.Whoever said that love was dead!

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Career tips – meaning and purpose

Hi – how’s your year going? We have come out of hibernation now it’s Spring!

Changing world of work

The world of work has changed forever. It’s not just that there are less full time jobs and more competition for them, plus more contract and project work, it’s that more and more people are looking for meaning and purpose through their work and to have their values honoured at work. This can mean finding an employer with ethical values or doing work that makes a difference to the world. We have seen this trend emerging for a while, and it has grown hugely since the credit crunch. In our Energise Steer your career workshop, it is usually mentioned by 50-75% of the participants. So how do you find meaning and purpose in your work? It doesn’t have to mean leaving marketing and advertising and working for a charity. It could be simply finding an employer that better matches your values or working with a company with green/charity clients or a corporate social responsibility policy

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Career change – changing needs and wants

  • I have recently been analysing the needs and identifying segments of all the people who have attended our career change workshop so far.
  • They are all professionals, from diverse professions including marketing and selling. Common challenges are the restrictions that people have on doing what they want; jobs too far away, not being able to move location for work because of kids settled in school, lack of money for retraining, jobs with lower than ideal salaries, shortage of jobs at a senior level, no feedback from interviews, skills out of date, lack of self confidence and many more. I have identified 20 client archetypes so far and there are probably more….

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Insight-full career change tips

I was thinking the other day that I must make time to do an analysis of the different customers from my career change workshop over the last 6 months. It’s easy not to this, as there’s plenty of other tasks to do, but investing the time can create some really useful insights for better targeting and making the product even better and more relevant to their needs.

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Grabbing attention in a time-poor world

One of the hardest things at the best of times is getting cut through and grabbing the attention of your target audience. People are hugely busy and especially at the moment post redundancies, doing more than one person’s job. Frustrating recently at getting no response to a proposal I had submitted, I decide to have fun and be creative. I did empathise with their busyness, but I still wanted to know if the project was happening or not! I ordered a personalised humorous card from this web site sent an SAE back to me with the following tick box choices in a bright yellow jiffy bag:

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