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How career resilient are you?

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How career resilient are you and how important is it?

I went to an interesting seminar last week about career resilience. I came away feeling confident that I am, which is good to know doing the work I do!

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Are you at the end of your tether?

We are finding stress on the up with people at work, and with the heat and pressure of uncertainty, it can be wise to make a move elsewhere, rather than sit on the fence.

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Are You Flat Out?

Do you get stuck in wall-to-wall meetings with no time to do the work in between? Many employees are working flat out with scarcely time to catch their breath. Full on! Sound familiar? Working at such a pace gives you little time to think clearly or even straight, which can lead to poor prioritisation and focusing on the urgent rather than the important things that would really make the difference.    

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What Vices Do You Have?

My goodness, we are creatures of habit, aren’t we?! Every morning I ritualistically line up my favourite vice – 4 glasses of water on the worktop and chuckle to myself. I picture the creation of habits of like a lawn mower cutting grass. Neural path ways in the brain take time to create and it’s easy to keep on mowing the same route until the grass doesn’t grow so much and there’s a path that you go down, always going the same way. It takes conscious effort and persistence to change a habit. I moved the location of the bin in my kitchen and was intrigued to see that it does, as the experts say, take about 28 days to establish a new habit and break an old one. Had to get a new kitchen floor as well due to wear and tear.

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