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Pigeon holed at work?


Call it ‘pigeon holed’ or being ‘put in a box’, it can be very annoying and restrictive. This is even more the case if you fell into your career by accident/chance, which many people do, and your job just isn’t ‘you’.

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From Fixed Grin To Wry Smile?


Is your face aching from that fixed grin? That expression that says ‘I am happy to have a job, but I am sick of doing 3 jobs, having no pay rise, little feedback or praise and I would like to stuff it where the sun don’t shine?’  If so, smiling at these work signs will change your facial expression and give those face muscles a workout. Enjoy!   

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In Love With Your Job?

I could have written a corny old post today about love and romance. But no. Bar humbug

Do you love your work? Few do. I love helping people work out what they love about work and how they can do more of it and get paid for it. Sometimes it’s a new job and other times a complete change of career. A good thing to do is think of all the times in your life when you had a real high and what created them. The results can be surprising and the outcome could be that you rediscover a forgotten hobby or fall in love with your job all over again. Honest.

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Is Your Work Working For You?

Research shows that between 30 and 45% of people want to change job. That is a hell of a lot of people not enjoying their work and feeling unfulfilled. Many of us fell into it by chance. Did you?

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What’s that Linkedin all about then?

Alot of people I come across haven’t heard of or don’t use LinkedIn. It is on-line networking, perfect for armchair networking in the winter months! It is also a great source of up to date contact details, great for getting a job and recruiting. Here are some tips for you:

• Originally set up as a recruitment tool• ‘Facebook for business’• Free (and paid version)• Know and use your key words• Set up a profile using key words and job titles• Connect with everyone you know and trust (software can help you do this with your Outlook address book or manually)• Ask for Recommendations (testimonials/written references)• Look at your connections’ networks and ask for introductions• Update your ‘Status’ regularly• Create settings to suit you• Have a clear goal – purpose and focus• Join relevant groups and contribute to discussions to raise your profile• Search Jobs/Find jobs• Look at jobs on relevant groups for your profession• Follow key contacts (like Twitter)• Invite people to connect• Search companies and named individuals• Use ‘answers’ – asking and answering questions• Search people interviewing you to find common ground for building rapport at interviews• Search for relevant events and networkHave a look at our profile as guidance and why not connect with us?: you haven’t joined Linked, do, and if you already have a profile, keep it updated and bear in mind these tips.

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Career Change Dreams Up In Smoke?

Suffering from that ‘going back to work feeling’?

Reality after the festive season reminds many people of going back to school at the start of a new term. A feeling of dread; shining those shoes; buying a new fluffy pencil case; the who got the best Christmas gift parade, but mainly the sinking feeling. Life can be so superspeed at work that it feels like being on a giant human hamster wheel.

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Is Your Work Like A Carpet?

Work is wall-to-wall, isn’t it? If you find yourself staring out of the window, it is more likely to be because your neck is stiff from sitting at the computer for a long time than you chose to daydream for half an hour.

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Ever Feel A Hamster?

Many people feel like a hamster on a wheel, very bored and very dizzy. One of my clients e mailed me saying shehas found a new home giving her a 3 minute bike ride to work and a shed in the garden to create sculptures, her next career.3 minsgets the award for a short commute! She had been commuting from Gloucestershire to Buckinghamshire in rush hour each day, so had really poor work life balance, no time to do the hobbies she wanted, spent her weekends recovering from the week, only to find it was Monday morning. Her closest relationship was with a glass to wind down after work because she didn’t have the time or energy to see friends during the week.

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Do You Ever Wake Up Like A Bear With A Sore Head?

Waking up feeling grumpy isn’t the best start to the day, especially pre disappearing into the bowels of public transport or the long commute.

The good news is that you can manage your grumpy bear – as if by magic. Yes really. We don’t get taught at school or college how to deal with difficult emotions, so they can fester and then we give them to someone else, a bit like throwing a cow pat – nice gift! It’s called projection and often we don’t realise we are doing this.

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Dinner’s In The Dog. Again

Oh dear. Where does time go? Late at the office again. Another pitch. Another ‘”I need it yesterday” deadline. No time to do the things you really want to do. Sound familiar?

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